Attention Hypnotists

Increase your client numbers by specializing in Bariatric (Gastric) Surgery Hypnosis. 

Obtain your Bariatric Hypnosis Certification through the National Guild Of Hypnotists convention or through the Home Study Course offered here on this site.  

The certification that you will receive as a result of completing this course will be your passport into the field of Bariatric Surgery weight management. Not only will the certification show the medical professionals that you have completed a study course on bariatric (stomach) surgery hypnosis, but it will equip you with the terminology and education necessary to impress those medical professionals. You will know everything you need to be taken seriously. You can feel confident in approaching the health care professionals who deal with this serious topic on a daily basis. With this training, the medical profession will very quickly recognize your expertise in this field and should be more than willing to incorporate you as a team member in their fight against morbid obesity.

This certification is something that you can also use in your private practice. Virtual gastric banding has become very popular in the field of hypnosis recently. This is a very exciting opportunity for not only the hypnotist but the morbidly obese clients as well. Still, unless one is properly trained in this topic, there could be some detrimental results. The line between obsessive over eating and anorexia nervosa is a very fine one indeed. They may appear dramatically different, nevertheless, the mindset is much closer than you ever imagined. These are both serious eating disorders. They are both life-threatening. Both clients have lost control over their lives and themselves. The idea that you can implant a virtual restriction to keep the morbidly obese client from consuming very much food is extremely exciting, but, this could very quickly turn into a situation where eating becomes something that the client no longer wants to do. You as a hypnotist must be very aware of the delicate nature of the clients you are dealing with. Through this course, you will learn not only the medical aspects involved but also the emotional and physical aspects as well.

What you will learn here is how to change the mind of the morbidly obese client so they can succeed at progressing through the future as a whole person. Learning to live with the changes that occur with weight loss is equally as important as learning to make those changes. You are that missing link in this equation, now is your chance to become the “Certified Specialist”.

Become a Certified Bariatric Hypnotist at this year's 2015 National Guild of Hypnotists Convention for only $375.00 while enjoying the experience of a live class. Yes, we have been selected to present a 2 Day Pre-Convention Course on Wednesday August 5th & Thursday August 6th in Marlborough MA. The classes run from 9;00 AM to 5;00 PM both days.  There is so much information available from both Rosemarie & Marian.  Rosemarie will be enlightening you on the medical aspects of the surgeries as well as the required follow up protocols.  Marian will be offering the most insightful use of hypnosis in these cases and directing you on how you can put your amazing gifts as a hypnotist to beneficial use with these clients.  The last opportunity to experience this amazing look at how hypnosis can influence actual gastric surgery patients was back in 2012 so you don't want to miss out.  Contact the National Guild of Hypnotists today and reserve your spot